Terms & Conditions

On booking a particular date a fifty percent deposit is required and the balance is to be paid and funds cleared a full 30 days prior to the event.
You may be sent a reminder but this is not guaranteed.
No dates can be held without this deposit. On paying the deposit you agree to Police Panda Car Terms and Conditions.
The terms ‘us’ and ‘we’ are also deemed to mean Police Panda Car.

If the booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to event then the whole amount shall be forfeited. The event can be rescheduled but should there be a price increase during this time then the difference must be paid.

You are paying for a classic vehicle and as such it’s performance can not be compared with a modern vehicle. That having been said, should a problem arise from a fault with the vehicle either prior to the event or on the day Police Panda Car will attempt to source a replacement (a chauffeur driven and insured for the purpose classic car) This car is a ‘one off’ an exact replacement is unlikely. If the replacement vehicle (sought by Police Panda Car) is more expensive no additional charge will be made by us.
Should this not be possible due to the urgency to arrive at the venue within a given time frame, then a taxi service will be contacted by us or your representative (with our permission unless they intend to pay for it) and asked to carry out the journey at reasonable mileage rates. The balance between the cost of the taxi service and the full amount paid to us will be refunded.

If the booking strays from that originally made, due to the hirer or their representatives changing a route or making additional pickups at short notice, then additional mileage will be charged at £2 per mile plus any extra time involved. If this extra mileage takes the driver further away  in the opposite direction (from the point he expected to be at ) then this can be charged at £3 per mile to get him back to that point for his return journey to base.
If the time goes over due to the hire being altered from that originally made by the hirer and through no fault of Police Panda Car then this can be charged at £100 per hour but is at the discretion of Police Panda Car.
It is not guaranteed that we will be able to stay the additional time as we may have another booking to attend but this happens very rarely..

The principle hirer (the person who paid Police Panda Car for the hire) is responsible for  the following:-

  • The conduct of all passengers deemed to be entitled to be in the vehicle (those mentioned at the time of booking) it is not guaranteed that this can be altered on the day.
  • No children under 16 years of age will be allowed in the vehicle whilst it is moving.
  • No smoking or drinking are allowed in the vehicle with the exception of champagne and glasses for a wedding photo shoot for example.
  • Should the vehicle be damaged by passengers then a charge can be made for this. This would apply whether deliberate or accidental.
  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are responsible for ensuring this is the case.

We are not responsible for such things as delays by roadworks and it is suggested that you check with your local highways department for any planned or emergency works.

We are not responsible for delays caused by any unforeseen circumstances such as road traffic accidents.

We may publish photos of our jobs in the public domain, by way of websites, social media networks or press; by paying your deposit you are agreeing to this. Therefore should you NOT agree, you must do so in writing at the point of booking by emailing policepandacar@gmail.com.

The Police Panda Car will be driven by a uniformed driver and the vehicle will be decorated with a ribbon of your choice (included in the hire price) any additional requirements will be charged separately and charged in addition to the vehicle hire charge.
This could include champagne and glasses for photos, special number plate as a keepsake or a Heritage Certificate with name/s written in calligraphy. a greeting card or present. This will not be charged as an extra if the hire price states that said item/s are included in the hire charge.

We can take up to three passengers but please note that a car of this age is not required to have seat belts. An after factory fit has been made with seats belts to the front seats only.


Terms for dress hire

if a dress or outfit is returned in a poor state rendering it unfit for future hire, the holding deposit of £150 will be forfeited.If the dress or outfit requires extensive cleaning over and above the norm then forty percent of the deposit will be forfeited, to cover the extra cost of cleaning.If the dress or outfit is returned without excessive staining and is only required to go through an average cleaning process, no holding deposit shall be forfeited. Garments are to be returned within four days from the date of collection/delivery to allow turn around within a week. Longer hires are possible at a further charge.  If the dress does not arrive within that time frame a fifty percent deposit will be forfeited.

Deposits will be returned within 14 days once satisfying the above conditions.

UK postage included in the hire price wrapped in a polyroll. and must be signed for on delivery  Hang item on arrival.

Corrugated carrying cases  (ideal for air travel) can be supplied at an extra charge