Milly’s Story

When ‘Milly ‘ the Morris Minor panda car first put in an appearance it was 1968 and she was serving with The Metropolitan Police in Sutton and surrounding areas.
In fact my uncle Bill was a policeman (yes honestly) and  a bobby living above the shop in Banstead village, he may well of driven her.
She served The Met well and then  into the 70’s she went into other police related roles.
She was restored in the nineties by Wandsworth Council in London, who’s Community Safety Department accompanied her to events, along with serving police officers.
She was partnered with ‘Billy’ the black jag, they played ‘cops and robbers’  much to the enjoyment of the crowd.
The Met went on to commission a children’s book about her and ‘Billy’
So she isn’t just a Morris Minor lookalike she is a piece of Met police history.
Take this into account when you compare her with other classic hires.
She brings a smile to everyone’s face and is a joy to travel in.
It has been and honour and an education to have bestowed upon me so many wonderful stories, by retired police officers.and even some of the naughty boys too.
Then there are the many moggy minor stories, I try and write them all down.
I will record them here on the website and if you have any interesting stories yourself please feel free to contact us via the website using the contact sheet and have a turn in the hall of fame.

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