Happy New Year,

well the weather is rubbish today but at least we can start looking up the events that we want to attend  this year, last year we put a few on the calendar and then things crop up and you are unable to go.

Do you  feel guilty when you are with friends and loved ones instead of that show (they don’t want to go as its not their thing) and you find yourself wondering how it is going without you there? I am glad its not just us then.

When we can work out how to copy and paste from Southern Classics 2017 events calendar and put into the blog we will.

We can recommend The White Dove in Kingsley near Borden Hampshire (just off the A3) and there’s a great show at The Rural Life Centre, Tilford which is not that far from Farnham,Surrey/Hampshire borders. Whilst there take a look around the outdoor museum. It is fascinating, you can go in The Victorian classroom, blacksmiths, the old petrol garage there are wonderful things in cabinets like old dental instruments,woodcarvers, Anderson shelter. They also hold a wonderful music festival called Weyfest which goes on all weekend and you can hear great bands like The Stranglers. The whole family can go and you can hire a tent, it’s wonderful. There are lots of stalls and smaller music events going on in the buildings throughout the grounds.

Some time in the year they have the re enactment and they host a tea for the few remaining Polish Pilots who were billeted there during WW2. The locals collect money for them to help pay their fare over and they can stay with local people if they wish, they are also given a  present as a thank you for their immense bravery. They were amongst some of the best pilots during WW2. At one point our boys were going up there with only 12 hours training and we were loosing many. The RAF were not sure about having the Polish fight over British soil.They were concerned that language would be a barrier and dangerous if the squadrons could not communicate with theirBritish counterparts.  Eventually The RAF  came to their senses and the Polish Pilots  were amazing. In just a few sorties they had a better kill rate than most of our boys, after all they were far more experienced than most. I do not know how many of them are left now, but if you get the chance do go they have a special area and most of them still have their caps which they wear with pride, and so they should THANK YOU POLISH PILOTS OF WW2 most have ‘GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN’