We already have bookings for April and June so do not delay thinking that you have plenty of time.

As well as our Police Panda Cars we are able to put together other packages using traditional wedding cars and perhaps more unusual vehicles, such as fire engines and other police cars.

  • Rolls Royce also not a problem as a business associate of ours has ten from all different eras.
  • Consider having a magnetic sign made for the Panda car with your own personal message, maybe for the one you love on your wedding day or Happy Birthday ‘Milly’ for example.
  • We also do a birthday suprise with cake or card and other special events, we even deliver Christmas presents!

Last year we were asked to escort  an ex police officer to his last resting place, but the send off was in the North of England and was not viable for us. We did however through our club manage to help the family with the information they needed to get their classic police vehicle.