In the sixties if you were a follower of fashion and a fan of the  black and white fashion, you may well of had a five point cut. hairstyle.

Vidal Sassoon’s flagship haircut, was favoured  by  fashion designer  icon Mary Quant.   She kept her hair this style right throughout her career.

If you could not afford Sassoon prices you were left at the mercy of the local hairdresser,  who had not the experience or perhaps even the want to cut your hair in this style.

It suited a heavier type of hair as it needed to by shiny, and fall back into place when you shook your head, without using a comb or brush.

It was ALL in the cut, as there would be a point in the middle of the forehead one in front of each ear, then two at the nape of the neck.

I can remember having a pair of lilac pink suede Quant shoes with lavatory pan heels I didn’t want to take them off at night I loved them so much.