Sorry It doesn’t pay very much, it is more about having professional shots  taken at no cost to yourself. There is a  £20 payment to cover some travel costs. These type of images could cost  up to £1,000 if taken by a professional photographer.

The shots will be taken in The Chichester, Bognor, Felpham, Arundel area and will take up to three hours or less  If you are between 5’4 and 6ft a size 14,16 or 18 and you are interested please contact us by email or fill out the onsite contact sheet.

We may have the services of a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for you on the day, but f not we can still  promise you some amazing images for your port folio, or  you may just  want them for the family album.

The shots are taken in all sorts of interesting places or with amazing classic cars, motorbikes and scooters.

I also need a size 8 from 5ft to 5’4 for one particular wedding dress.



Vintage Everything