NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH is the subject of the community window at Grandad’s Frontroom (community shop) in West St Bognor.Regis.

As always phone 101 if you have any concerns about matters in your community relating to police matters and it goes without saying phone 999 in an emergency,

The leaflets  on display remind you of the following

  1. Leave a light on if you are going out, the evenings are drawing in.
  2. If you are visiting the seafront do hide your belongings in your boot out of sight.

Also there are leaflets on dealing with loan sharks.

If you are from outside of the area  and want to get in touch with your local Neighbourhood Watch you can obtain their details when you call 101 with your concerns and they will ask the Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator to call you back.

HAVE YOU ANY INFORMATION? There have been attacks on people in Littlehampton both on a 68 year old gentleman  using a  walking stick and two women in their late fifties. were the victims and valuables taken.

Violence was used on at least one occasion.

A group of  white youths both male and female are being sought.

The females distracted the two women by asking the time and a young female was also involved in the actual robbery.