This is always a very friendly show and last Sunday was no exception.

I met two retired police officers both had driven The Morris Minor Panda Car.

One of them I had actually met last year and this year he told me a story about when he and his colleague took two villians into custody.

They put them in the back seat and when they got to the station they searched the back of the vehicle and found a 12 inch knife stuffed down the back of it.

He told me that had taught him a very valuable lesson and that after that he always searched them first.

I asked  ‘surely that is in the police manual’ he explained that it was but they were keen to get them in  quick, so that they didn’t get away.

He went on to be a mounted police officer, he said that you would grab  the troublemakers by the collar, whilst mounted on the horse and that they  didn’t play up because they were so worried what the horse might do

On this occasion he arrived on a motorbike fully clad in leathers, the gent must be 6ft 4inches tall, I don’t think many people would mess about with you now sir.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

The other retired officer said that he would add something to the blog, I hope you do.


It was also lovely to meet Amy, a student photographer and graphic designer, feel free to contact us if you would like to join us on a shoot. Amy loved ‘Milly’ The Panda car and got a few shots.

We could post them on the site if you wish Amy?


Photography, bridal shoot and another classic car show Next weekend is the car show along the beach front in Littlehampton. I doubt if we will make it as we have two photo shoots this weekend for bridal wear and 70’s retro fashion.

The wedding dress is Marilyn Munroesque with a halter neck.

The body is ivory satin and has layers of net beneath giving fullness to the lower half and the sheer chiffon overskirt extends and trails out to the back, this is then edged with two inches of satin.  It is Size 14 and for someone reasonably tall or who likes wearing high heels. Coming to the gallery very soon. See dress hire for more details.