A great weekend at The Goodwood Revival and even though  Milly The Police Panda Car didn’t win  the overall prize for ‘Best in Show’, we did better than that.

Sir Stirling Moss came over with his wife and had a chat, he had shortlisted Milly to take a special place in the insurance company paddock. We had a special spot along with nine other wonderful cars.

Sir Stirling Moss explained to me that the Moggy was designed by Issygonis who of course designed the mini.  Sir Stirling  used to race mini coopers. I also wanted to get out of the way  something that had bugged me for years, whether back in 1972 I had in fact spotted him getting out of a green sports car (ashamed to say at that age I did not know what the car was  but i sure recognised him). His sister Pat Moss was an inspiration to me as she was such a fantastic rally driver and flying the flag for British Women’s Motoring.

His wife was really nice and pointed out to Sir Stirling, the handcuffs hanging from  Milly’s  interior mirror.

As Sir Stirling left the paddock to climb onto his transport,  a buggy in the guise of a classic car,  he very kindly signed my Goodwood book. I opened it on a page with an image of him racing at Goodwood back in the early sixties. He did so and then we had a photo taken together and I was asked to put my arm around him poor man you were so gracious.

I will hopefully receive the images soon and place on the website

I was very suprised when the insurance company informed me  that they had gone to visit him at his home for the short list selection to be made Wow!

You are a true gentleman Sir THANKYOU.