As we watched the catwalk show at the bridal fair at The Avisford Park Hotel last Sunday we enjoyed the sounds of Marvin Ford.

His rendition of so many of the songs he sang sounded just like the original. To be honest I got side tracked from watching the show as I just wanted to ‘boogie’.

He covered Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I will survive’ he obviously sounded nothing like her but I bored him silly afterwards by telling him a story about meeting her and her backing group The backing group were called The Gloria Gaynor Experience. We met them in The Argyle Pub in London following the first performance of the night.  We sent them a drink as  a thank you for we had  enjoyed the show so much.  They suprised us by inviting us backstage for the second performance.  We were amazed when they introduced us to Gloria, whilst she sat  at her dressing room mirror!

I was amazed how pokey the dressing rooms were at The London Palladium. When the next performance started we had to go down into the audience. There were no spare seats and we knew that because we had to go to the earlier one because of it.

So we stood leaning on the side wall in the half darkness, hoping not to get stared at too much. Whereupon the commissionaire came over and said ‘You will have to go back to your seats’. i got a great kick out of saying we were with ‘The Gloria Gaynor Experience’,  He seemed satisfied with that explanation and walked off.

The guys had arranged to meet us in a nightclub ,we declined their offer to go back to their hotel beforehand but we noticed a couple of young ladies who did. A couple of hours later we were fed up waiting and in an american (I thought) accent I asked  the bouncers ‘Do you think when the Gloria Gaynor Experience arrive you  could tell them we said thanks but we have moved on.’

At work the following day and knowing they were staying in a certain London Hotel I sent them a message on the T15 Telex machine (retro) thanking them.

My friend and I were out again the following night and I found out the very next day from my disgruntled  but amused father, he had been woken at 2.30 am by some american guy etc etc.He asked my dad to thank us for a good time, what an understanding father I had.

So every time I hear Gloria Gaynor’s ‘ I will Survive’  it brings back wonderful memories. All those years ago I would never of guessed that I would hear this song as much as I do. Having seen live  Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The Temptations, Gladys Knight & The Pips and The Platters. who came before.

Incidentally I am pleased that the story of Frankie Valli of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons (Jersey Boys) was bought to life on stage as this saw a resurgence in his music. Some of the young people of today knew the words but really did not know who had sung them . we are pleased that they enjoyed the show.

But getting back to Marvin Ford, Vocalist,  I am sure if you hire his services for any occasion you will be impressed ,as you see I do know a thing or two about the sounds of Soul. 

T. 07584 562385 

Also at the age of 14 years I was amongst the first generation of white females to dance to reggae and ska with both white and black, this was the positive side of  our era. There are too many bad examples on TV depicting things in a bad light. We along with skinheads and black guys ,(not really black women for some reason.) used to dance the night away  The Bull in East Sheen, The Croydon Suite and The Lacarno.

I recoomend that you buy yourselves an old ‘record player’  and pick up the vinyl of that era,  it will be a bit crackley,  it would of been played so many times and perhaps had the odd  barcardi and coke spilt on it. You may think I am looking  through rose tinted glasses, but just listen to Long Shot Kick The Bucket, The Liquidator, Return of Django and try and keep your feet still.

I can recoomend Tighten Up Volume 2 if you can find it.