The weather held up which was good as we were mainly outside at this venue,

Someone showed a real interest in the ‘Arrest & Proposal’ Panda Car Hire, the gent came back and chatted with me about the way it would work. I explained Police Uniform optional that the handcuffs would remain firmly shut and that they were just for show. That I would pick the proposee up and arrest them on behalf of the proposer, which would clearly show that I was not a real police officer, as I had mentioned his name and he is clearly not CID. I would then take them to meet him in a pre arranged location where the proposal could take place, return trip optional. He was attending the AdFab wedding fair  in the capacity  of  Best Man to be, and was going to be measured for his suit..There were two companies there offering the service and their stock was extensive.  ‘Astares. wedding suit hire’  was one of them and both of the companies details will be added to our Local Links page very soon. 

I was very impressed with two cake makers/artists, one cake told the story of how the couple met, it was a work of art. The top tier in white showed black figures cut out of icing dancing in a disco, the next  tier you could see that the couple are now an item, the proposal taking place. (maybe one day there will be a cake  made with ‘Milly’ The Police Panda Car carrying out the ‘Arrest & Proposal’ mentioned earlier) the biggest tier  depicted the actual wedding day. .  I do love someone with a good imagination. The details of  ‘Jans Tasty Cakes’ will be listed soon on my local links page..

There was a great bridal  fashion show, and I  would like to have a vintage selection in one or two of next year s shows.  Great to have something a little different and the organisers seemed  very interested.

I was in the company of two other classic car companies who offer a very good service of formal rolls royces and if anyone is interested I can give you there details just email me.

Be back soon

Police Panda Car & Vintage Everything