It was great to meet two retired police officers at this event.

One told me that he put two villians in the back of the panda and when they got to the station he searched tthe car and found a twelve inch knife stuffed down the back of the seat. He said that it taught him a valuable lesson and after that he always searched them first.

When I asked him if that was in the police training manual he explained that they were keen to get them inside the car so that they didn’t run away they often didn’t search first.

He went on to be a mounted police officer and he said he used to grab the troublemaker by the collar as he sat high on the horse. He went on to say that they would give in as they were  concerned what the horse may do to them.

He arrived at the show on his motorbike all 6ft 4 inches of him clad in his leathers, I do not think ANYONE would mess about with you even today sir!

Littlehampton Seafront Classic Car Show next weekend.

Still not sure whether Saturday or Sunday but best to look it up.

We doubt if we will be there as we have two retro and vintage photo shoots,  both bridal and fashion, the images will be in the gallery next week  The bridal wear is for hire and retro fashion can be bought outright.

Watch out for it to arrive on the site next week

OTHER CLASSIC AND VINTAGE CAR HIRE By the way if you are wanting to hire any other classic or vintage vehicle we can organise this for you, just fill out the contact sheet with your requirements and we will get back to you.